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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy centers around player development.  We are committed to providing quality, experienced coaching so that our athletes can develop the necessary skills and understanding of the game to be able to excel at all levels of play from high school to collegiate and beyond.

We strive to provide a solid foundation of fundamental skills as the jumping off point for developing more advanced skills and tactics. Our teaching methodology is based on the USA Coaching Accreditation Program's motor learning principles. We believe in performance over outcome; and, always put the well-being of our athletes first.

Why choose us

Player Development/Playing time

We believe in developing the full potential of every player on our rosters.  We keep the roster size for each team small (9 - 10 players) to maximize playing time at tournaments.  We believe in equitable playing time


Teaching/Coaching Principles

Our teaching and coaching philosophy is based on the USA volleyball coaching Accreditation Program and motor learning principles.  Practices are player centered where the players do and the coaches teach.  Skills are practiced in game like situations with maximum opportunities to respond to increase learning.  Skill development always takes priority over just physical training and conditioning.

 Playing Schedule

Teams typically play at a rate of about once every two weeks.  We believe that this provides the best experience for players in balancing competitions and opportunities to practice what was revealed in tournament events.

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